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Bye-Bye, BCI Jo!

  Today, I am taking the plunge! After 18 months of ‘thinking about it’, today is the day that my first blog, “BCI Jo” (launched on the day of my retirement from the corporate world) is itself, retired. My enthusiasm, though tinged with trepidation,… Continue Reading “Bye-Bye, BCI Jo!”

Made with Love by Mom

     Mom will be upset.  Now that was an understatement, considering that Mom had devoted so many hours to complete the difficult, double-knit afghan.      The pattern was called “Kelmscott Throw”, her Mother’s first adventure with the technique of double knitting, by… Continue Reading “Made with Love by Mom”


                      Why oh why do I insist on crafting, with a string and sticks? Could it just be the thrill of art,  a perfect piece will soon impart? Or maybe it’s the color blocks, or… Continue Reading “Obsession”

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