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Knitted Baby Boy Cardigan
Knitted Baby Boy Cardigan

Why oh why do I insist on crafting, with a string and sticks?

Could it just be the thrill of art,  a perfect piece will soon impart?

Or maybe it’s the color blocks, or complex charts, that rock my socks.


One stick or two, what will I choose today, to drive away the blues?

Crochet is fun and fits the bill, when instant joy’s the cup to fill.

While knitting is a patience test the final piece is often best.


A baby blanket needs crochet spaces so babe can breathe in all places.

Crocheted Baby Blanket
Crocheted Baby Blanket

A cabled vest demands some chunk to warm its wearer round his trunk.

A lacy scarf displays the craft of artisan women, long since past.


Fingering, lacy, sport or spunk; a fiber must be in my trunk,

For soon I will be overrun by stash, ‘growing’ throughout my home.

(Unless my pup gets hold of one; pulling, strewing,  having fun!)


It matters not the day or week, or whether travel’s at its peak,

Knitted Spiral Shawl
Knitted Spiral Shawl

Inside my bag the kit must go..another sock to tell and show.

Alas I am obsessed, it’s true Aran or cashmere; pink or blue.



Raison d’être comes in clearly:  I love to give gifts to my “dearies”.

Even on this Springtime day, I’ll chart my projects – gifts to give away.

Thanks to Mom, she taught me well, she gave me life … and art, as well.

Aidan's Throw (Crochet)

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