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Spinning Silk

This week, when challenged to publish a favorite photo, I leafed through my stunning sunrises and sunsets, my macro pics of springtime flowers and my pelicans and seagulls soaring and swooping into the breaking surf; I paused at this stunning shot of spider pearls,… Continue Reading “Spinning Silk”


I softly fold it, setting it aside, A moment more to tag (To…From…), A crocheted throw, (another one?) indeed, But this was for the young man he’s become. No more the baby blues of soft layettes, No more the booties, hats and mitten sets,… Continue Reading “PAT-TERN”


                      Why oh why do I insist on crafting, with a string and sticks? Could it just be the thrill of art,  a perfect piece will soon impart? Or maybe it’s the color blocks, or… Continue Reading “Obsession”

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