An Unexpected Gift

T'was nights before Christmas...(which scarf shall I wear)?
Snow scenes sprinkled broadly or red-green silk threads
Perplexed, which to choose, perhaps I'd defer
to simple Noel pin with garnets,  instead.

My choices strewn carelessly on my made bed,
I turned for a moment to survey the rest,
When quick 'fore my eyes, little munchkin leapt up,
to snuggle atop all my Holiday best.

My options now thinned, only one could I grasp,
How could I disturb him from his comfy seat?
So soundly asleep, snoring loudly and deep,
My Bandit had deftly secured his retreat.

Of course, I surrendered, sans pin, scarf or shawl,
His peaceful visage was the best gift of all!


Photo Friday: #Holiday

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