Who Am I?

Mid jokes and jibes of thriving in the dark, Beneath peat moss and soggy, brown terrain, I rise near unperceived, yet here I be, Surviving rapid spinners, I remain. I’m often thought a nuisance causing dire consequences, if ingested by mistake, But you should know that I’m the harmless growth, And you may reap my harvest […]

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Sunlight streaming in remained unseen, Because my eyes were blinded by the light, Then wakened senses opened to the gleam. Day after day, I wandered past the scene, Oblivious to simple gifts in sight, Sunlight streaming in remained unseen. In search of inner peace and calm serene, I ran from daily strife and urge to […]

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Split Decision

Balmy afternoon spawns thoughts of Spring, (though groundhog claims a few more wintry weeks) But during full-moon sleep, the world turned white, Erasing leaves of grass and leafy trees. My puppy licked his sno-cone from the sill, Carved prints betrayed my deer-hooved migrant guests, The feeders hung near top the blanket ground, And rocker sits […]

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Full of Grace

A single flower beckons from the brambles, Serenely minuscule, near overlooked, But like a distant star against the night sky, She shines more brightly ‘gainst the brown-branched brook. Her simple, graceful petals, far from garish, Convey a purity, unmarred by man or passing wilde-beast who might have trampled, I wonder where she matters in God’s […]

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The windmill at Peddlar’s Village stands tall and silent, against the dramatic, wispy-clouded sky of Bucks County.

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The Breakfast Nook

Cape May, NJ has an ambience all its own, with neatly trimmed Victorian homes, charming B&B’s, great restaurants and tree-lined streets that lead to a seemingly endless beach. And the icing on the cake is it’s location at the southernmost tip of the state, Which makes it a perfect migratory stopover for thousands of species […]

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Listening to Silence

Upon this clear and glassy, deep, blue water, Gliding effortless, across the spanse, Spied by only towering mountain spires, Gazing down upon my silent dance. No piercing sound, no ticking time, no meter, Save the sturdy oar-sluice thru the deep, Keeping steady, though unhurried, rhythm, Matching true my heart’s unwavering beat. And soaring silent ‘mid […]

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name?   What’s in this name?   This name is speaks of daring vision,  astounding achievement, devastating disaster and soaring success.   This name is an  overarching symbol of man’s undeniably irrepressible spirit of exploration, resilience, discovery and fulfillment. Atlantis. Weekly photo challenge: Names

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Of Two Chairs

Of morning tea beside the trickling.  fountain, Attending to the nesting birds of spring; Of sandwiches and chips for May-time lunch, The welcomed mid-day respite that it brings; Of languid, lazed “martini eves” of summer, Playing fetch, with puppy toys a-fling; Our coupled Adirondacks now sit bare, For snowy covers drape our favorite chairs. These […]

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Maple Resilience

Oh regal, beauteous maple, long you’ve stood, Bowing o’er my porch, through sun and storm, You share your shade until, in Fall, your leaves announce (in whispers) hints of coming frost. Your beauty tells a tale – but that’s not all, Your purpose spreads beyond your leaves of gold: You’re often borrowed, tapped for sweetening […]

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I couldn’t sleep last night, though I knew I should.  With each passing hour, I recalculated how many hours of sleep I might be able to squeeze in before dawn. In desperation, I played a self hypnosis podcast that should have lulled me into relaxation.  It didn’t. At 3:00 am, resigned to being wide awake, I […]

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