America … reconsidered

I republish this post, in consideration of the horrible actions and events of January 5th and retrospectively, in reconsideration of the sense of awe and respect I felt while standing beneath the dome. I couldn’t imagine that day, that one day there would be some who would not be similarly inspired.

Blooming outward, scrolls ‘tween swirls embed,
Simplicity of form each rounded side,
In shades of palest blue and pastel red,
Each going its own way yet unified.

Symbolic of the majesty it hides
beneath its vault, the chambers of our state,
Tempestuous tempers, diff’rences magnified,
But always striving to elucidate.

Through sessions bearing witness: freedom’s fate
enwrapped in fervent promises fulfilled,
‘t was touted loud – the people’s common slate,
Debated endlessly t’ward laws and bills.

This dome inspires all who pass beneath,
A prayer is raised for wisdom’s wreath bequeathed.

While en route to a Seton Hall – Georgetown game, we stopped at the Capitol. I was speechless viewing the dome, and thought how unifying it seemed. These days we need a unifying message. I hear it and I share it here.

Published: October 12, 2019

3 Comments on “America … reconsidered

  1. Sorry it happened, but hopefully it might become a wake up call to really unite people


  2. Eloquent sentiments about the dome and our republic. Thanks for sharing. I was as inspired as you, but sadly, a cloud of apprehension is now looming, and the forecasting of its movement is done with two very different radar systems….


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