Made with Love by Mom

Kelmscott Throw (Made with Love by Mom)
Kelmscott Throw (Made with Love by Mom)

     Mom will be upset.  Now that was an understatement, considering that Mom had devoted so many hours to complete the difficult, double-knit afghan.

     The pattern was called “Kelmscott Throw”, her Mother’s first adventure with the technique of double knitting, by which the knitter actually knits a two blankets at once, with two ‘right’ sides. Done in two colors, and usually involving a complex jacquard design, one side was blue with white pattern, while the reverse side was white with a contrasting blue pattern. Two blankets, knit together and attached at each row edge by a simple twist of the two strands of yarn. It was challenging but well worth the self-taught effort and time.

     Last October, after many months of undercover knitting (Grandma’s was a daily stop-off) it was with love and pride that the surprise anniversary present gift was given. The family loves that blanket! It serves equally well as a TV throw for chilly nights as it does as a patio warmer on a fall evening, snuggled in front of the fire pit. It is well-used and appreciated; and that makes Mom happy.

     So it was with dismay and regret that she now surveyed the damage. All she’d done was to throw it in the washing machine, as she had with so many of the boys hand knits! It mattered little now, as she pulled and tugged at the wooly mess in front her. The “Made With Love by Mom” label was now affixed to a tangled mat of shrunken pattern remnants, tightly pulled in together. What strange alchemy caused this ‘heirloom’ to become an unrecognizable, misshapen, stinky, piece of blue and white animal fiber?

     Just as she was certain that the unfortunate transmutation was irreversable – she was equally certain that her next step was unavoidable. Reaching for her cell phone, she flinched as it nearly jumped into her palm, announcing an incoming call…from Mom!   She tapped “Answer” …

This was written in response to Trifecta Challenge to use the third definiion of the word: ALCHEMY (noun)
1: a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life
2: a power or process of transforming something common into something special
3: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting

14 Comments on “Made with Love by Mom

  1. Ooo I would be dreading that phone call. Definitely one of those “It wasn’t me!” moments.


  2. That”s how it always works…that connection between people– Mom’s call coinciding with the damage. Love the way you’ve captured it here.


  3. not sure what to think of this, i do know the work that has gone into this beautiful work of art, i as a lover of crocheting and knitting , could never attempt anything so grandiose. if i did my heart would break if it were mistreated, so i guess thats what this is about.


  4. Aww, I’ve actually done this. Not to an afghan but to a beloved sweater without thinking. Shrunk it down to a children’s size. Nice depiction of a relatable, regrettable event.


  5. Poor girl!Not only has she to bear the guilt but also face her Mom’s wrath mixed with tears of regret!Darn those washing machines & tricky yarn!;-)Loved this piece:-)


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