Sun ‘brellas

Photography by Joanne Edith
Photography by Joanne Edith

I’m drawn once more
To wind blown, ebbing shores
To feel the sand-grains ‘neath my soles
Bear silent witness to the quest of gulls,
And fill my head and heart with surf-salt breeze.

I rush on past the shore-side ‘ brellas,
Treading hard the path between the dunes.
But stunned and shocked, I flinch in pain!
Spirit willing; bones and tendons strained.
I whimper back to lounge-side trees.

Still, sunrise slyly, cloyingly calls to me,
I cave, this time with chunky, clunky clogs.
Strength and strategy renewed; my quest rejoined,
Pockets overflow with shells and sea-glass!
Soul overflows with joy!

I wrote this poem as I recalled my disappointment last month upon realizing that I couldn’t romp on the beach as I used to, after recovering from a severe leg break before Christmas. 

Now that I was free (i.e. no cast and with permission to actually walk on my repaired leg again) I expected that a walk on the beach would be great, rejuvenating and wonderfully rehabilitating. 

It wasn’t!  It was painful, and I thought I actually may have done some damage. 

Once I decided I should wear shoes (ugh) I was able to get out the next morning for a sunrise – a lifelong passion. 

This poem attempts to capture the sheer happiness I felt walking by the water, joining the morning gulls, collecting shells and such, and of course, taking pictures.  Where there is a will, there is a way. 

The unopened, colorful umbrellas, captured for me the essence of the calm and quiet of a seaside morning, before the rest of the world awakens .

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