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Bandit’s Soft Spot

The photo of my overly anxious puppy, securing his favorite spot atop my ‘work-in-progress’, knitted afghan, seems a perfect response to today’s Photo Friday prompt: Soft.

A Gift of Fleece

This pasture serves its denizens quite well A place where they can thrive while roaming free Until, like Pavlov’s dogs, they heed the bell That clangs in urgent clamoring “come see.” The trusty Sheltie rounds them up with ease, Conditioned to their four-legged shepherd’s… Continue Reading “A Gift of Fleece”

Made with Love by Mom

     Mom will be upset.  Now that was an understatement, considering that Mom had devoted so many hours to complete the difficult, double-knit afghan.      The pattern was called “Kelmscott Throw”, her Mother’s first adventure with the technique of double knitting, by… Continue Reading “Made with Love by Mom”

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