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A Gift of Fleece

This pasture serves its denizens quite well A place where they can thrive while roaming free Until, like Pavlov’s dogs, they heed the bell That clangs in urgent clamoring “come see.” The trusty Sheltie rounds them up with ease, Conditioned to their four-legged shepherd’s… Continue Reading “A Gift of Fleece”

Inscrutable Visage (Photo Friday: Calm)

Peaceful, placid place, Stoic, stolid face, Bespeaks of ages past and days to come. This overwintering rest, Puts fibers on my breast That serve me well, then serve a greater purpose. Soft and fluffy fleece, Knowing brings me peace, My swaddling gift for babes… Continue Reading “Inscrutable Visage (Photo Friday: Calm)”

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