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Hidden Treasure in Our Woods

As seasons come and seasons fly
and leaves once green, turn gold,
We know while life is passing by,
Our story’s being told.

Escape From Paradise

A poem ( sestina) of personal courage and empowerment, in the face of abuse.

An Engineer’s Journal: April, 1978… “Tuning My Piano”

A new installment in “An Engineer’s Journal”, on leaving one company for another, while seeking perfect pitch.

Orange Marmelade

Orange you glad that …the Weekly Photo Challenge asked us for a collection in which the color orange, is either the subject of, or the accent to, the photographs. My selection runs the gamut from wine labels and wildlife in the backyard to hand crafted mosaics, rowboats and (of course) my Pet Pooch. Enjoy!

An Engineer’s Journal: June 1967, “Lunch”

***** An Engineer’s Journal: June 1967 As a graduate chemical engineer, I expected the vagaries of being a woman in a traditionally male profession.  Yet, on that first day as a Process Design Engineer, I could not have predicted my first problematic situation in… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal: June 1967, “Lunch””

An Engineer’s Journal: The Summer of ’66

It was with some trepidation that I boarded the #1 bus at Penn Station. A summer job at Stanley Tools seemed to be the next best thing to an actual internship in industry; and the summer between junior and senior year at Newark College… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal: The Summer of ’66”

An Engineer’s Journal: January 2005 – An Interview in The City

January 13, 2005 It was my husband’s birthday. There was something surreal about driving north on the snow-covered NJ Turnpike with my mate of 38 years, en route to Manhattan for a meeting (interview); in the dead of winter, on a Sunday morning! Bob… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal: January 2005 – An Interview in The City”

An Engineer’s Journal (October 1963): Chemistry 101

October, 1963 She missed the bus. Building up a ‘psychological head-of-steam’, she envisioned her ‘grand entrance’ into Professor C’s Chemistry class. His rants were the stuff of urban legend. To make matters worse, the lecture hall was an intimidating venue, with tiered seating that… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal (October 1963): Chemistry 101”

An Engineer’s Journal (September 29, 1963): Sunday Night Bowling

Crouching over textbooks at Hayne’s Lanes, ignoring the din. Engineering? Really? Jill rolls a spare; our team cheers her on. I complete my Thermo assignment, hoping that someday, I will see my ROI. http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomasleuthard/ This was written for Trifextra, and is part of “the… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal (September 29, 1963): Sunday Night Bowling”

Many Are Called

Father John, her favorite parish priest and regular confessor, was an obvious choice from whom to request a college recommendation. Church and school  were the heart and soul of her world, augmenting perfectly the love and support she received, unquestioningly, from her family.  Her… Continue Reading “Many Are Called”

An Engineer’s Journal, June 2, 2001: Fireworks

She had expected this day for months.  After 23 years, she’d almost welcomed it.  She was prepared psychologically, emotionally, and financially, rationalizing that it offered the best of all worlds.  Her family was ready.  She was ready. Yet on that day, there was a part… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal, June 2, 2001: Fireworks”

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