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An Engineer’s Journal (October 1963): Chemistry 101

October, 1963 She missed the bus. Building up a ‘psychological head-of-steam’, she envisioned her ‘grand entrance’ into Professor C’s Chemistry class. His rants were the stuff of urban legend. To make matters worse, the lecture hall was an intimidating venue, with tiered seating that… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal (October 1963): Chemistry 101”

An Engineer’s Journal: Orientation Day, 1963

Journal Entry: September 18, 1963 Today’s assembly was nerve-racking.  I got through the bookstore successfully, managing to get every book on the list, the K&E slide rule, drafting instruments and seven college-lined notebooks.  My biggest problem (or so I thought walking over to the… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal: Orientation Day, 1963”

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