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By the Sea

Glancing o’er my shoulder, golden glimmer, green-white shards with petals lithe and awesome, Shining ‘gainst the sunrise walk a-shimmer, Striking, spiking splendor: beachside blossom.

To everything, a season…

Moon hangs on high, as if by silken thread, Reminding all that night precedes the dawn, Black storms recede to wispy gold instead, This pastel morning after rain has gone. These seven days and nights we journeyed on in magic ever-after-ness, and ponder, Joys… Continue Reading “To everything, a season…”


Rain, Sitting here inside, Waiting for the skies to clear, Hoping our vacation isn’t smeared, And yet I see only Rain, Pouring down in sheets upon this sleepy calm lagoon, It’s time has come to drench this lovely cove with cleansing droplets; Rain, I’ll… Continue Reading “Rain”

Textured Layers

While gliding on the resort launch on our way to the Magic Kingdom, my eye was initially drawn to the brilliant, white puffy clouds hovering against a perfect sky-blue sky, as the monorail zoomed across the spanse. I snapped this Photo. It wasn’t until… Continue Reading “Textured Layers”


I remember when I was a girl of five, And pretty, colored skirts were joyous things, We’d twirl upon our coffee-table stage, With shrieks and soaring screams, for we had wings. I hadn’t thought on that for many years, Until one summer day, we… Continue Reading “Freeze-frame”

“LOVE” is in the air…

Out of the blue, emerging message strewn, Where wishes made on stars do oft come true, Across the azure sky, each letter drawn, I could not turn away from what I knew. First “L”, then “O”, (the thermals softly blew), The bus on which… Continue Reading ““LOVE” is in the air…”


Rare: Splurging on a special dinner at “Victoria and Albert”. Rarer: Impeccably skillful presentation of our “Colgin 2003“, transported all the way from our NJ wine rack, where it had rested peacefully for over a decade (well worth the corkage fee)! Rarer Still: Table-side… Continue Reading “Rare”

Good as Gold

Our travel bags retrieved, then tagged and packed, Each year, this day, with only hours to go, Filled, bulging piggy-banks have been attacked, The countdown’s creeping to a dwindling low. So many tasks to check before we go: Alert the postman, stop the paper… Continue Reading “Good as Gold”


Though I, too, enjoy a refreshing dip in a cool pool on a hot Florida afternoon, my spirits are refreshed by mornings such as these. Read more…

Birthday Boy

“…Twas that rainbow heaven moment
When I knew that all was well
And the babe soon born would bless us
With his gentle smiling self.”

Tiki, Tiki, Tiki…From Every Angle

This week we are challenged to photograph a single object or scene from several angles. I selected the Tiki sculpture in the center of the newly renovated lobby of the Polynesian Village, at WDW. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/from-every-angle/

Sand Prints

Denizens of the beach at Polynesian Village scurry for breakfast, leaving their tracks in the freshly-raked sand.

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