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Good as Gold

Our travel bags retrieved, then tagged and packed, Each year, this day, with only hours to go, Filled, bulging piggy-banks have been attacked, The countdown’s creeping to a dwindling low. So many tasks to check before we go: Alert the postman, stop the paper… Continue Reading “Good as Gold”

On The Way to Disney World…

On the way to Disney World with grandsons all in tow,
I spied some topiary bulls that looked like buffalo…

Starburst dialogue (weekly Photo Challenge)

“Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange. When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images. Placed next to each other, each photograph opens up to meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone. Each composition reveals the photographer’s… Continue Reading “Starburst dialogue (weekly Photo Challenge)”

Photo Friday: Scenic Wonder

As we near the end of our annual family WDW vacation, staying at the Polynesian Village, I never tire of capturing ‘my’ sunrises through the camera lens. There have been many changes during the last 35 years, but one thing has remain unchanged; the… Continue Reading “Photo Friday: Scenic Wonder”

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