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Starburst dialogue (weekly Photo Challenge)

“Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange. When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images. Placed next to each other, each photograph opens up to meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone. Each composition reveals the photographer’s… Continue Reading “Starburst dialogue (weekly Photo Challenge)”

Evil, Be Gone!

Words to live by, golden lesson true, Came unexpected; dousing lies, casting aside her wicked, evil spell; her ungodly cauldron brew; ‘mid bursting night-sky flares. Truth will abide: “Let your conscience be your guide!“   I wrote this cinquain*(see below), my first endeavor to… Continue Reading “Evil, Be Gone!”


This entry is in response to Trifextra weekend challenge which asked for 33 words of our own, inspired by the following quote: “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ― Paulo Coelho It had been a painful time.… Continue Reading ““Wishes…””

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