On The Way to Disney World…

On the way to Disney World with grandsons all in tow,
I spied some topiary bulls that looked like buffalo,
(Or were they bison)?  I know not but know I this instead,
These boys of mine were giggle-full, with mouse-dreams in their heads.

On the way to Disney World, we met the TSA
And some went through the line with speed, as pre-approved were they,
Yes, I and boys got through with ease but once on other side,
Resigned to twiddle thumbs and wait for others to arrive.

On the way to Disney World I (wedged in middle seat)
Could not see out the window, as I fed my boys their treats,
But what I saw could not compare to sky-scapes vast and bright,
I saw instead a cute tow-head with blankie held on tight.

On the way to Disney World, aboard the magic bus,
That quickly, smoothly and with fun described the trip to us,
With Grandma’s cakes so deftly packed the busy night before,
Our grumbling stomachs kept at bay – just twenty minutes more.

On the way to Disney World these topiary green
Reminded me that dreams come true and wildest hopes are seen,
The destination is fantastic, good, clean fun for days,
But on the way, lest we forget, the journey is the play.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  On The Way

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