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Beyond the Drapes

I oft’  deny a few more precious winks, To rise from down-soft sleeping place, sublime. Beyond the heavy drapes, as night moon sinks, The light is changing with each tick of time. Feeling blindly, camera case inclined and leaning close aside the rattan chair,… Continue Reading “Beyond the Drapes”

Photo Friday: Scenic Wonder

As we near the end of our annual family WDW vacation, staying at the Polynesian Village, I never tire of capturing ‘my’ sunrises through the camera lens. There have been many changes during the last 35 years, but one thing has remain unchanged; the… Continue Reading “Photo Friday: Scenic Wonder”

The Third Time’s a Charm!

As seen through the eyes of an eight year-old, always on the move and persistently seeking constant stimulation and entertainment; fishing can be a pretty dull way to spend a hot afternoon…until he lands the big one! 🐡🐡🐡 I’m bored! I hate fishing! He’s… Continue Reading “The Third Time’s a Charm!”

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