The Third Time’s a Charm!

As seen through the eyes of an eight year-old, always on the move and persistently seeking constant stimulation and entertainment; fishing can be a pretty dull way to spend a hot afternoon…until he lands the big one!

Third Time's a Charm Bay Lake, WDW August, 2012
Third Time’s a Charm
Bay Lake, WDW
August, 2012


I’m bored!

I hate fishing!

He’s catching all the fish!

This is the third time Daddy had to fix my bait.

What’s happening?

Daddy, help!


Oh my gosh!

Fishing is totally amazing!


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I post the above entry,Β Β in response to the Trifextra Challenge…to write exactly thirty-three words to express ‘third time is a charm’.

13 Comments on “The Third Time’s a Charm!

  1. I’ve no patience for fishing either. I’m glad he landed a lunker (:


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