Beyond the Drapes


I oft’  deny a few more precious winks,
To rise from down-soft sleeping place, sublime.
Beyond the heavy drapes, as night moon sinks,
The light is changing with each tick of time.

Feeling blindly, camera case inclined
and leaning close aside the rattan chair,
Tiptoe on carpet in the dark, resigned
to leave the flip-flops there somewhere.

With door unlatched, I slide to humid air,
My barefoot steps now fast on moistened grass
then grainy sand, I surely couldn’t bear
to miss God’s sunrise through my filtered glass.

Most humankind can sleep ’til sun is high,
I seek instead to capture dawning sky.

Today’s Photo Friday prompt, “Sunrise”, inspired me to select this photograph and pen this sonnet, an homage to the photographer, who chooses to leave sleeping bed-mates behind, to  quietly slip out of the room, to ‘catch’ the sunrise.

Each year at Disney World, I relive the scene, leaving the air-conditioned confines of our room and rushing out into the moisture-laden air before the sun breaks the horizon. Camera lenses must be given time to adjust to the dramatic temperature change, vantage points must be selected, and tripods set in place, before the waiting begins.

Today, I set aside the beach shots, the dockside perspectives, and the wide-angle water reflections; and chose, instead, the simple brilliance of the Florida sun, rising from behind the Bay Lake treetops, into the gathering clouds.

2 Comments on “Beyond the Drapes

    • Ok..I’m officially jealous.and I’d be on the beach every morning and perhaps every night to see the star show! We were always the early birds at work as I recall.


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