Today, the first day of the rest of life,

So trite a phrase and yet its import rings,
Behind me: Pride, career, with tinge of strife,
Today, this first retirement morn, I sing

We face decisions: Travel, or a fling
perhaps, to far, exotic, distant shores,
The sights we’ll see, the places and the bling,
Souvenirs to carry home, once more.

We’d leave behind our grandsons; miss them sure
than any jet-set trip could compensate,
The choice is ours to choose, the Côte d’Azur,
Or stay nearby, fresh cookies on the plate.

This sunrise on this day of days to come,
I think we’ll settle in and stay at home.

Written for Light and Shade Challenge.  

5 Comments on “Decision

  1. I especially love the way all the stanzas have exact rhyme, then the closing couplet has a slant rhyme. Gives a nice open-ended feeling that reflects the meaning.


    • Truly! Here in the US, Prudential Insurance Company aired a series of TV ads about Retirement Planning, and focused on photos taken by new retirees of the sunrise on their first day of retirement. That was my inspiration when I took this picture nearly three years ago. Thank you for the prompt!


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