I stroll in silence, waiting for the day,
And turning towards the “House” and breakfast brews,
The clear, clean watery vista lights my way,
So pause I must to contemplate anew.

Our moonlight swim just hours ago (a few),
Was splash-time central, water slides in play,
As children (old and young) shrieked loud and true,
‘til fireworks announced the close of day.

So on this morn of stillness o’er the bay,
Pool water’s cleaned and chaise lounges set aright,
With wafting kitchen smells to bid me stay,
I stay to rest at peace by water-side.

It isn’t night, for dawn begins to glean,
Still, twinkling lights, like stars on water gleam.

The Polynesian Village is so much more than a place to stay while at Disney World. It truly is a home away from home, for since our own children were tots and even today with their children, we return to our little escape from reality.

This unlikely scene caught me by surprise as I strolled barefooted around the lush grounds, waiting for the sunrise over the Lagoon. The intoxicating aroma of coffee, bacon and sausages being prepared inside the Great Ceremonial House, made me stop for a moment at a vantage point that I might have otherwise overlooked.

The pool lights were still lit and the lifeguards had already diligently and reliably, cleared the water surface of floating leaves, re-arranged the deck chairs side by side, readied stacks of clean, white towels, and repositioned umbrellas and tables.

Everything was in it’s place, cleaned and prepped for another busy day of children and parents, lovers and friends, who, after an exhausting day at the parks, would gather poolside to chatter, eat and refresh their bodies and spirits.

Though I, too, enjoy a refreshing dip in a cool pool on a hot Florida afternoon, my spirits are refreshed by mornings such as these. I recall the moonlight swim just hours before with the boys, the boat show, the firework, and another moonlight swim. Here on this silent morning I smile, realizing that few people see the Poly the way I do. I’ll try keep this hidden gem to myself.

Photo Friday: Clean

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