Rare: Splurging on a special dinner at “Victoria and Albert”.

Rarer: Impeccably skillful presentation of our “Colgin 2003“, transported all the way from our NJ wine rack, where it had rested peacefully for over a decade (well worth the corkage fee)!

Rarer Still: Table-side coffee service – “Cona” process, brewed slowly, gently, and aromatically, as we indulged in delicate desserts.

Rarest of Them All: My husband of 49 years: friend, teacher, husband, father and grandfather – a rare and wonderful person.

Weekly Photo Chllenge


7 Comments on “Rare

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  3. You have a wonderful eye for photo composition exceeded only by your ability to turn a phrase and in turn exceeded by your enduring love of spouse and family. Congratulations on entering your 50th year together!


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