To everything, a season…

Moon hangs on high, as if by silken thread,

Reminding all that night precedes the dawn,

Black storms recede to wispy gold instead,

This pastel morning after rain has gone.

These seven days and nights we journeyed on

in magic ever-after-ness, and ponder,

Joys abound, from this our marathon

beneath the summer sun, with warmth and wonder.

Our family trek this year will soon be yonder,

Spreading lanes with memories we’ve gathered,

For special moments, ne’er be placed asunder,

And family ties have strengthened with each matter.

I view the sunrise on this last of days,

Vacation ends; new pathways wend their ways.


On this, the last day of our annual Disney-world vacation, I zipped up the luggage for early airline check-in at the Polynesian Village, United Airlines desk.

I stepped out onto our lanai for a last look and a long sip of freshly-brewed Kona coffee. The lagoon waters were still and serene under the waning crescent moon, as the predawn, wispy sky hinted of the dissipating storms from last night, and of the tropical day ahead.

Today is a new day. Today we go home. Today, with a few teary eyes, we leave our home-away-from-home. Our doggies, our tomato plants and our own bed pillows await our return. It was a lovely and memorable vacation for many reasons and our 52nd Wedding Anniversary was joyful and special.

And, as always, it’s nice to come home.

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