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Sanity Quest

 She knew it was pointless to use whiskey to wash away the pain of the razor-sharp words, spewing from his mouth; but she was totally alone, attempting to unlock and isolate the truth. Struggling and gasping, she clung desperately to each breath, as if… Continue Reading “Sanity Quest”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Standing on the brink, Face turned heavenward, Momentary musings launch my spirit towards distant, mystical, mountain mists, leaving Fall’s ephemeral foreground behind. Suddenly, sensing a glimmer, A hint of hope piercing through the otherwise luster-less, limitless sky; Suddenly, clouds clearing, I understand Salvation


    Cloyingly clinging to a single shred of salvation      Resisting the impulse to relinquish my tenuous hold on reality           Undaunted, crude, I struggle – as a projectile – against the swirling maelstrom        … Continue Reading “Emergence”

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