Sanity Quest

 She knew it was pointless to use whiskey to wash away the pain of the razor-sharp words, spewing from his mouth; but she was totally alone, attempting to unlock and isolate the truth. Struggling and gasping, she clung desperately to each breath, as if each were her last.

She was lost amid the murky marsh of silky slime; swept under, aswirl in the eddy of this putrid puddle. image

Still, she was alone in the darkness, until a nearly Imperceptible tiny shard of light broke through, filling the vacuum created by the shrinking silhouette of his lanky frame, disappearing into nothingness, as he strode away from her.

Befuddled no more, bathed now in life-sustaining light, She knew she’d won her race for sanity.

This was inspired by:

The Sunday Whirl, a challenge that puts forth a Group of unconnected words, and ask that the writer pull them together into a cohesive piece.


And by the quote/ prompt from “Write at the Edge”:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


11 Comments on “Sanity Quest

  1. Finding just that bit of lightness can sometimes mean the difference between sanity and despair. Nice job weaving together the two prompts.


  2. What a joy it is to finally make the right decision even though you fear hurting, being hurt or even the absence of feeling after a break up. The relief however when the decision is finally made is wonderful as freedom is embraced again.


    • Thanks, Irene. I think it’s true, that when were under the influence of a negative energy, we can’t see what lies beyond. In this case, it needed to be gone to allow the light to break through. How often we might ask ourselves, in retrospect…”what was I thinking?”


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