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Sanity Quest

 She knew it was pointless to use whiskey to wash away the pain of the razor-sharp words, spewing from his mouth; but she was totally alone, attempting to unlock and isolate the truth. Struggling and gasping, she clung desperately to each breath, as if… Continue Reading “Sanity Quest”

Light in Our Window

I keep it burning, day and night I keep it burning warm and bright It flickers now and then, but still Its flame will not be doused until You come home to me. The seasons change, the leaves turn gold, The summer’s gone, and… Continue Reading “Light in Our Window”

Papa’s Flashlight

She avoided going to the basement whenever she could. But tonight she did not suspect that her basement paradigm was about to be shattered. Having descended the long creaky flight of steps, she begrudgingly acquiesced to the darkness, slipping into an almost trance-like state,… Continue Reading “Papa’s Flashlight”

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