Light in Our Window


I keep it burning, day and night
I keep it burning warm and bright
It flickers now and then, but still
Its flame will not be doused until
You come home to me.

The seasons change, the leaves turn gold,
The summer’s gone, and nights grow cold.
Soon winter’s white will cloak the yard,
Soon burning logs must warm my heart
‘Til you come home to me.

When you return you’ll see the light,
You’ll hear my laughter taking flight,
Your baby son within me, named,
The life we shared will be reclaimed,
When you come home to me.

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Written for Trifecta, using exactly 99 words, and the word “baby”.


22 Comments on “Light in Our Window

  1. this was just beautiful. I felt the ache and the longing to have him home.
    I love to think about a light burning for someone, it’s a comfort to know you’re missed.



  2. This is a very beautiful poem! With the picture complementing, and relating it to the love burning bright… I loved it!


  3. I was fine until I got to the baby inside me part. Now I have big tears. I still have a lingering need for a baby (until I actually get around one) and I know I can’t have one. That got me. Good job!


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