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Shifting Horizons

From here, we thought we knew where blue sky met the ever stolid earth terrain below, Sun rays break through wisps one can’t forget, Each day unique, and ne’er a hint of snow. From here, each new horizon seemed to show If troubles or… Continue Reading “Shifting Horizons”

Sky Line

It’s not the silhouette of steel and glass That breaks the line of sight ‘tween land and sky It’s not the tallest spire, a gleaming mass of condos, hotels glitzy, rising high. It’s not the “Golden Gate” or “Bridge of Sighs”, Though they are… Continue Reading “Sky Line”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Standing on the brink, Face turned heavenward, Momentary musings launch my spirit towards distant, mystical, mountain mists, leaving Fall’s ephemeral foreground behind. Suddenly, sensing a glimmer, A hint of hope piercing through the otherwise luster-less, limitless sky; Suddenly, clouds clearing, I understand Salvation

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