Sky Line

It’s not the silhouette of steel and glass
That breaks the line of sight ‘tween land and sky
It’s not the tallest spire, a gleaming mass
of condos, hotels glitzy, rising high.

It’s not the “Golden Gate” or “Bridge of Sighs”,
Though they are stunning, worthy of applause,
It’s not the Empire State or towers in Dubai,
Though surely they’re constructions without flaw.

It should be simply where the light of dawn
breaks first upon a sparkling, glassy blue,
It could be cloud of fog when sun’s withdrawn,
As fishers trawl, then cast their nets anew.

A skyline’s more like this (in my mind’s eye);
The wondrous merge of earth and sea and sky.

3 Comments on “Sky Line

  1. At first glance, I thought this was a bay or harbor between two cities but the lack of commerce on the water leads me to believe this is a “fisheye” picture of the ocean. If so, this is in the area of 270 degrees of periphery (but you are the engineer) – pretty amazing look. What did you use for this capture? Where was it taken?


    • Hi, Lud. I used the panoramic feature on my I-phone and slowly scanned the horizon from left to right. It was taken in Sunny Isles, Fla, back in June. I, too, love the effect!


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