Delicate Balance

Astride she stands so tall, serene,
No waver in her footing,
The watery depths her safety net,
Her oar, sloped straight and wooden.

So strong and brave she takes her post,
So Innocent and sweet,
We stand ashore and marvel at
her calm and artful feat.

For once upon a distant day,
We, too, were fearless youth,
From vantage point we recognize,
A simple, honest truth.

That careful is as careful does,
And wisdom knows (it’s timely),
She, standing tall, surveying all,
Goes sailing on, sublimely.

2 Comments on “Delicate Balance

  1. A perfectly-titled photo. I especially like the way the rafter’s core-section intersects with the shoreline. And the photo composition , juxtaposed with the title, makes the interesting suggestion that the heavy wall of rock is delicately balanced on the water. Terrific!


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