Birthday Treat

Who doesn’t  love a birthday cake,
When kiddies gather round,
And grown up ladies laugh and blush
To hear their birthday song.

This year, ahead of family fun,
I was wined and dined,
A favorite French cafe in town,
I knew not what I’d find.

Surprised to see the table set,
With flutes and mums and phlox,
And lo, upon my plate did rest,
A gaily ribboned box,

With much ado and fuss unwrapped
And saw a gemstone treasure,
For this year was a special year,
With many decades measured.

And yet as sweet as sweet can know
(Despite the buds and bling),
The greatest pleasure of them all
The song my grandsons sing.

This is a photo of the table at Chez Catherine, where my husband treated me to a lovely, birthday lunch. Our quiet little table in the corner was set with the usual accoutrements, but today, there were a few extra special touches; a bouquet from Didier’s garden (arranged by Didier’s himself, who is not only a gracious host at this authentically French restaurant, but who is also and obviously, a true lover of flowers), and a beautifully wrapped and ribboned gift. I loved and appreciated the exquisite necklace and the entire experience.

As I sipped my champagne, I knew there’d be more in store for later I was to receive the true icing on the cake: hearing my grandsons sing “Happy Birthday, Dear Grandma…Happy Birthday to you!”


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