Shifting Horizons

From here, we thought we knew where blue sky met
the ever stolid earth terrain below,
Sun rays break through wisps one can’t forget,
Each day unique, and ne’er a hint of snow.

From here, each new horizon seemed to show
If troubles or fair weather lay ahead,
Red skies or not, we’d plan, then off we’d go,
Without a second thought of fear or dread.

From here, these near horizons formed a thread
of fortunes to be won, or games well-played,
But blinded by its light, we were misled,
We failed to know, we were in retrograde.

We long for days of innocence and calm,
Up here, afar from earth, a silent balm.

Photo a Friday: #horizon
Horizon is defined as “…the line where the earth seems to meet the sky : the apparent junction of earth and sky.” (Merriam-Webster). And that apparent junction is viewer-dependent. These days, our horizons, both literal and implied, appear to be limited and often misleading. But up here, soaring over the Grand Canyon, our horizons can appear to be limitless – a soothing, hopeful thought and welcomed respite from these troubling times.

2 Comments on “Shifting Horizons

  1. Lucky you that you are traveling above and beyond the loneliness of lockout down here on earth. Be safe, have fun.


    • Actually I’m not…that picture was taken last year, but the photo prompt was “horizon”. With everything going on around here, I remembered this picture I had taken and the glorious feeling I had when we flew over the Grand Canyon. Thanks Alice. Stay safe. J


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