It’s all a blur, a caravan of days
and endless nights of faceless frights,
When did it begin; when will we phase
Into a healing call:  emerge to light?

Acceptance comes, though focus isn’t right,
We turn to note the beauty ‘fore our eyes,
Observe instead the detail in our sights,
Perspective dawns, our goals are crystallized.

I should have known, and yet I was surprised,
In brilliant sharpness, camera shadows tell,
The greenery and buds are but disguised,
Still there to see within our bubble shell.

A photo frame of shadows, dark and light,
Grants clarity and hope; we’ll be alright.

Capture 52 – Week 20: Minimalist
I posted this photo in response to this week’s photo challenge, which inspired my thoughts on the forced isolation and uncertainty imposed on us by COVID19. I realized that in our constant emphasis on what we’ve lost, those things we took for granted that now seem a blur. We may be failing to appreciate all that we’ve gained; solitude, simplicity, serenity. This shadow of a single flower, cast upon a rather ordinary flower pot, spoke to me.

One Comment on “Focus

  1. love this one Joanne, so true, we’ve been enjoying the greening of everything, the emerging of each spring but or leaf, and also trying to get good photos of the local fauna!


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