Tag: Survival

Skirmish at Sunrise

They come because they must. They gather at waters edge, vying for position. They stand, they watch and wait; their bugle call, the cadence of the breakers. The sun slowly, surely, lifts its face above the horizon. The salty skirmish begins anew. Written for… Continue Reading “Skirmish at Sunrise”

Savanna: Survival

Oddest creature: She spreads her lanky legs, Falling clumsily to her knees to slurp up water-gulps. She survives. Tallest mammal: Sprinting across the savanna, Reaching tree-clumps; razor-sharp teeth gathering meals at dusk. She survives. Strangest denizen: Darkening spots, unique as fingerprints, revealing her true… Continue Reading “Savanna: Survival”


    Cloyingly clinging to a single shred of salvation      Resisting the impulse to relinquish my tenuous hold on reality           Undaunted, crude, I struggle – as a projectile – against the swirling maelstrom        … Continue Reading “Emergence”

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