Skirmish at Sunrise


They come because they must.
They gather at waters edge, vying for position.
They stand, they watch and wait; their bugle call, the cadence of the breakers.
The sun slowly, surely, lifts its face above the horizon.
The salty skirmish begins anew.

Written for Gargleblaster, in answer to the question: “Why do birds suddenly appear?”

16 Comments on “Skirmish at Sunrise

  1. ‘Salty skirmish’ is my favourite line. That and the sun peeking over the horizon. Such a poignant description 🙂

    Shailaja’s post


  2. This was beautiful hoe you created the scene and how it goes along with the picture. Beautifully done.


  3. Oh.. beautifully done! I love, ‘Bugle call, the cadence of the breakers’… and the last line, the ‘salty skirmish’.. beautiful description! 🙂


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