Tag: Walking The Dog

Splash of Color

Iconic structure beckons and he heeds…

Walking The Dog

🌾🌾🌾 With leashy strap and pocketful of treats, We swing across the threshold, sun shines in, We’ve powered down for months in woolen pleats, But spring is here (they say), let us begin. We tough the barrier path, as cartwheels spin And soon we’re… Continue Reading “Walking The Dog”

Ecstasy Unleashed

  On his crown, the Blenheim spot. His loft: a perch to watch the world go by. Until… “Want to go for a walk?” Dashing to the doorstep, Tail wagging, He welcomes his tether. 🐶🐶🐶   Trifextra Weekend Challenge: This weekend we’re asking for… Continue Reading “Ecstasy Unleashed”

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