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Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature Bleak days tumbled into months un-sunned, The path lay dormant, absent footfall sound, Neath cloak of white, in stealth, the damage done. With man’s best friend, in tandem ’twas begun, Before the chill they’d set out, forest bound, Bleak days tumbled… Continue Reading “Forces of Nature”

Healing Hibernation

  November… I know because a gray cloud cloaks my soul, I stand upon the brink of day, though predawn sky’s still dark. I trust a spark of morning’s bursting light will soon burn through, Lifting fog, creating clarity, Slash a way to scrape through buried pain, Acceptance. It will… Continue Reading “Healing Hibernation”

Walking The Dog

🌾🌾🌾 With leashy strap and pocketful of treats, We swing across the threshold, sun shines in, We’ve powered down for months in woolen pleats, But spring is here (they say), let us begin. We tough the barrier path, as cartwheels spin And soon we’re… Continue Reading “Walking The Dog”

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