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Shadows of Time: Photo-Haiku Trilogy

 1. Sundial Shadows Endless ages pass, Casting shadows on this face, Marking time of man. *************** 2. Tree Trunk Through the Shadows Through the shadowed arch, Time-weathered, lonely tree-trunk Straggled, scraggled, stands. ********** 3. Shadow Bandit In the shadows, Waiting for a time of warmth,… Continue Reading “Shadows of Time: Photo-Haiku Trilogy”


    *********** By considering this most improbable possibility, I venture into uncharted waters; terrified and titillated by the, heretofore, unacceptable reality. I suspend my disbelief, daring to acknowledge that since eleven twenty-two, I’ve been dangling helplessly in an interstitial, inescapable slice of trapped… Continue Reading “Interstitial”

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