By considering this most improbable possibility, I venture into uncharted waters; terrified and titillated by the, heretofore, unacceptable reality. I suspend my disbelief, daring to acknowledge that since eleven twenty-two, I’ve been dangling helplessly in an interstitial, inescapable slice of trapped time.



This is linked to yeah write.

Have all your clocks stopped?

Give us your answer in 42 words. You don’t need to include the question in your response, but make sure your answer stands alone. What do we mean? Write down the question. Write down your response. Now cover the question with your hand and read your answer out loud. Does it still make sense when you don’t know the question? That’s what we’re looking for. Be creative, and remember: no family allowed!

19 Comments on “Interstitial

  1. This has a lovely, musical cadence to it. It’s very surreal, and somewhat disquieting. Very cool piece – thanks for linking it up!


  2. I think that all of us have had another life, lived in a different place and time. Your words to that effect were beautiful, hopeful.


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