Tag: Casting shadows

Tangled Woods

As leaf pods fell to earth like grassy snow, The unpaved, woodsy path, a mossy trail that lured me ever deeper, bent to know what wonders to unfold, to sip the grail. But skies began to darken, lifted eyes alert, while soggy grounds beneath… Continue Reading “Tangled Woods”

Shadows of Time: Photo-Haiku Trilogy

 1. Sundial Shadows Endless ages pass, Casting shadows on this face, Marking time of man. *************** 2. Tree Trunk Through the Shadows Through the shadowed arch, Time-weathered, lonely tree-trunk Straggled, scraggled, stands. ********** 3. Shadow Bandit In the shadows, Waiting for a time of warmth,… Continue Reading “Shadows of Time: Photo-Haiku Trilogy”

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