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Please use caution… Though water’s sparkling clear, There’s danger lurking near. Please use caution… Tall grasses waft and sway, But warning signs allay. Please use caution… Below the glimmering pond, Sea creatures ‘neath the fronds. Please use caution… The wafting, shallow marsh, Conceals a… Continue Reading “Caution!”

Haiku: Precarious Perch

Precarious perch Clinging; gath’ring gust is nigh, Crash – quick and lethal   Written for Studio 30+ using prompt: “Quick and Lethal”  

Silent Danger

Stench invades our senses, Macerating mucous membranes, Rodents release their refuse into once crystal clear waters, producing putrid pools; Disease incubators disseminating deadly, dire moldy maladies. No safe harbor! No respite! Sandy’s aftermath! This was written in response to the Trifecta weekend prompt: As… Continue Reading “Silent Danger”

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