Haiku: Precarious Perch

Precarious Perch
Precarious Perch

Precarious perch
Clinging; gath’ring gust is nigh,
Crash – quick and lethal


Written for Studio 30+ using prompt: “Quick and Lethal”


NaPoWriMo 2014
NaPoWriMo 2014

12 Comments on “Haiku: Precarious Perch

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  5. I love your haiku
    The peril was palpable
    Great take on the prompt!


  6. I loved this! Actually right now we have the Santa Ana blowing a crazy wind… As I read your words I heard my howling wind. Very cool And I agree with Kir, “precarious perch” is a nice visual. (Can we steal it for a future prompt?)


    • Steal away!
      I’ve been watching the Santa Ana coverage, since I traveleved stot to SoCal before I retired. I hope your home is safe. We are having floods and torrential rains while you guys on the west coast are thirsting for rain and dealing with fires and high winds. My prayers are with you! Thanks for commenting.


      • Thanks Joanne! My home is safe from the fires for it is a floating home,,, 🙂


  7. A “precarious perch”, I love that line. it plays nicely into the thought that a fall from it is quick and lethal.
    Such nice work…thank you for linking up this week.

    (and I love Haiku, how you say so much with 17 syllables)


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