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In the beginning…

Of course, I wasn’t there, how could I know Or, really, how could anyone opine on how this world began, Big Bang, or no, But if imagined, is this what I’d find? From out of darkness, nothingness defined For something had to be before… Continue Reading “In the beginning…”

In Search of Eden

Watercolor wisps paint each new dawn, So t’was in the beginning, nascent time, Untrodden shores, calm seas, the slate is clean.

Wisdom of The Tulips (Photo Friday: Early Morning)

Sepals closed, slumb’ring still, Sun hides well o’er fog-drenched fields, Quiet, dampened dawn. ***** An almost mystical morning hush is captured in this photo, taken while strolling the grounds of the Buttermilk Inn a few weeks ago. My normal routine is to rise early… Continue Reading “Wisdom of The Tulips (Photo Friday: Early Morning)”

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