Tag: Morning Dew

Morning has broken!

Stillness settles in upon my soul Each dewy dawn before the world awakes, From distant towns and leas I hear the wave of waking birdsong welcoming the sun, Washing near as night skies fade away, The nightingale departs, his nocturne ends. Morning!  

Wisdom of The Tulips (Photo Friday: Early Morning)

Sepals closed, slumb’ring still, Sun hides well o’er fog-drenched fields, Quiet, dampened dawn. ***** An almost mystical morning hush is captured in this photo, taken while strolling the grounds of the Buttermilk Inn a few weeks ago. My normal routine is to rise early… Continue Reading “Wisdom of The Tulips (Photo Friday: Early Morning)”

Thirsty (Photo Friday: Signs of Summer)

Thirsty, tender tendrils soak in pre-dawn dew droplets, Soon; summer swelter. Postaday: 

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