Wisdom of The Tulips (Photo Friday: Early Morning)

Buttermilk Tulips
Buttermilk Tulips

Sepals closed, slumb’ring still,
Sun hides well o’er fog-drenched fields,
Quiet, dampened dawn.


An almost mystical morning hush is captured in this photo, taken while strolling the grounds of the Buttermilk Inn a few weeks ago. My normal routine is to rise early and (camera case slung over my shoulder) position myself well for that one incredible sunrise shot.

Instead, on this misty morning, as I approached the tulips, I found a calm, serene acceptance of what would be a rainy, gray day; reminded that only a few hours earlier, these vivid beauties had been wide open, displaying their variegated brilliance in the sun. Yet on this morning they remained closed, resting, content to be immersed in the lush landscape; soaking in the misty-ness.

There would be time to greet the sun on another morning. That morning became for me, a time to reflect, collect my thoughts, and rejoice in the brilliance, balance and serenity that is God’s creation.

This morning ‘shot’ stands right up there among my favorite ‘sunrise’ photos.




3 Comments on “Wisdom of The Tulips (Photo Friday: Early Morning)

  1. Great insight. Did you look at the weather forecast before posting this? Dewy mornings after or before a rain shower often have a mystical feel. Enjoying your posts but really wonder how you find the time to do all this. Whew!


    • It had rained during the night, so chances were good that the sun might break through. After breakfast, hubby went back to the room and I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. Since it had been just a one-night getaway, I couldn’t waste a perfectly good morning because of a little dew and fog. One step led to another and I meandered down the garden path towards “lover’s Leap” I couldn’t resist bending low to snap this picture of the tulips lining walkway overlooking the pond and Hudson River in the distance. As for finding time, early mornings are perfect for jotting down random thoughts on my iPad. Thanks for visiting and for sharing your thoughts!


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