Dog Days of Spring

easter Egg huntSharply cold, his foot pads on the grass,
He scurries frantically to beat the crowd,
They, the better vantage point from which
to spy and seize the trinkets locked inside.

But he with savvy nose and limber bones,
Discovers those that hide from humankind,
He cracks upon the ovate center ridge,
To open up the yummy treats he finds.

His suffers though, because he dallies twice,
While boys just plop their eggs in baskets deep,
This his only chance to gobble up his treats,
Lest mistress take away what he can’t keep.

Like Davy Jones on choppy waters, with
a stolen cache to save, into each shell
he sinks his teeth, to crack the rainbow pieces,
Swizzle-sticks and smarties serve him well.

I sit in rocking chair and sway,
the aches away, just capturing the scene,
I care not ’bout the mess they’ll leave behind,
to dream of colored eggs on sea of green.

And he, our loyal “Bandit”, will be spent
from chasing boys and eggs and bunny beans,
They’ve worn him out, with frolic and cavort,
He’ll sleep, perchance to dream a doggie dream.

NaPoWriMo 2014
NaPoWriMo 2014


4 Comments on “Dog Days of Spring

  1. A fun write. Our dog many years ago stole some Easter eggs and ate them foil wrap as well; but he said it was worth it despite the aftermath.


    • Yes – chocolate can be a problem for our canine family members. I was trying to stay one step ahead to make sure that the he didn’t get into too much trouble. Fortunately the eggs were also filled with sugary candies and loose change. Always a fun time watching the kids and the dog running around scoping up plastic eggs. thanks so much for your comment.


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