Precious moments strewn before me
Each day they fill my memories
Cropping up from nowhere,
Like bursting leaves on springtime trees.

A tiny hand in mine,
A tear to wipe away,
A doggie walk around the block,
An urgent plea to play.

Cookie Monsters at my side,
Vying for that first warm bite;
An empty cone, a scoop, a tug
“An ice cream treat again tonight?”

“Look, Grandma…I got a piece”
(My jigsaw puzzle going strong)
“Can we go hiking? Please, Oh, please…
I promise…it won’t take long!”

‘Knock, knock’ jokes and silly stuff
Collecting worms and lightning bugs
Rocks and sticks; shells and stones;
Checkers, catch and instant hugs.

Silence shattered, shrieks of joy
Goldfish crumbs in Grandma’s bed
A chain of gold, a ruby ring?
Thanks, no…I’ll keep ‘my gems’, instead.



Today is the penultimate day of National Poetry Writing Month, and the challenge to post a poem-a-day. Inspiration is often problematic, as one faces a ‘blank sheet of paper’, but usually all I need do is remember the day’s events, to find my muse(s)…my five grandsons.

This Sunday was like many others, in that there was a steady stream of comings and goings at Grandma and Grandpa’s house; wedged in between CCD, breakfast, karate contests, baseball, cookie-baking, bread-making, ice-packs on field injuries, and (better yet) ice cream cone remedies. A walk around the block (the first since my broken fibula…ouch) and packaging up a couple of goodie bags, rounded out the day.

Later, as I elevated my leg with an ice pack, I smiled through my discomfort, knowing that I will probably do it all again tomorrow.

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