“Va Pensiero”

imageTonight, as music fills this hallowed hall
And transfixed patrons breathe and sigh as one,
I’m moved to tears: this music from the past
Performed across the sea from whence it came.

The eyes are windows to the soul; (some say)
For me, the human voice and fingered ivory keys;
Woodwinds, strings, percussion, haunting reeds
Open passion’s portals, angst and grief relieved.


Today’s poem was of course, inspired by the Verdi Performance last night. Soloists, Plainfield Symphony Orchestra and the Oratorio Singers of Westfield each played their part to produce an evening with moments of ethereal beauty and eloquence. Capped off by a heartfelt singing of Va Pensiero,

It is especially after such an evening, that I realize I’ve been blessed to have this music in my life; to have the many opportunities through the years, of performing works of genius, with dedicated musicians in wondrous spaces. Whether Carnegie Hall, or the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, or a centuries-old gothic cathedral in New Jersey, the unity of spirit that replays throughout the world when music makers and music lovers come together with one purpose, is breathtaking.

I know that music is for me an uplifter when I’m down, a solace when I’m sad, and an outlet when I’m in need of one. Music engenders emotions, elicits memories, and transports my soul to a better place.

After all, all of it is God’s work; the genius, the artistry, the talents, the inspiration and the beauty.

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