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Thanks to the artistic vision and extraordinary talent of our music director Trent Johnson, each singer, player in the ouches, soloist and audience member shares in the exhilaration of a great performance.
This year marks the 20th anniversary season of our superb Music Director enabling presentation of world-class music by soloists, chorus, and members of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

“Va Pensiero”

Tonight, as music fills this hallowed hall And transfixed patrons breathe and sigh as one, I’m moved to tears: this music from the past Performed across the sea from whence it came. The eyes are windows to the soul; (some say) For me, the… Continue Reading ““Va Pensiero””

A Feast of Praise

As concert nears, the excitement is building in our rehearsals. This music is beautiful and challenging…truly “A Feast of Praise.”

September Song

September has always represented for me, a chance to begin a new cycle.  Despite having been driven by fiscal and corporate calendars for the last 45 years and January- to- December calendars all of my life,   I am somehow surprised,  that I would… Continue Reading “September Song”

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