Hidden Treasure


Today, I share a very special poem; one written for me by my Dad, when I was sick with pneumonia in 1978. As the young, working Mom of two children, aged 7 and 4, being hospitalized for 11 days, meant that my husband bore the brunt of keeping the home ship afloat while I was hospitalized (a hat he wears so well and un-begrudgingly).

This simple note brought a smile to our faces then, as it does now. Thankfully, I’ve not had a recurrence since, but I’ve kept it carefully stowed away in a hidden compartment of a hollowed-out book. Dad was a bit of a bard himself, writing unpretentious, sincere poems at the drop of a hat. I wish I’d been able to save all of his poems…from the silly ones written to entertain, to the serious poems written to Mom, after a spat (we would find them carefully set on the kitchen table, left for Mom, by him on his way to work).

It taught me the healing power of a lighthearted message of love, and the value of speaking your heart to your loved ones…leaving an invaluable legacy for them. 

(PS:  Since I inherited my Dad’s handwriting, I am posting a ‘translation’ , following the penned original).


Dear Joanne: (Don’t Laugh) 

An Ode to You

Like climbing a very steep hill,
Is the same as getting ill.
Illnesses’ aches and pains reach the top
From there on down, its clip-petty clop.
Pains and aches are soon a past
We who love you knew it wouldn’t last
You’ll soon be back to your old routine
  And sparkle once more like a moonlit beam.

                                                                Love, Daddy

Hidden Treasure
Hidden Treasure

6 Comments on “Hidden Treasure

    • It’s been around for years…a book with pages glue d and hollowed out, I think it used to be Bobby’s father’s or grandfathers. I put a picture at the bottom of the post…


  1. tes i am crying , as i too remember all those poems from the heart that our dad would leave for mommy, i too am so glad you save that and happier you shared it with us. just to see his familiar handwritting gave me a feeling i cannot even begin to express. and our bobby always the rock, i’m glad i have him as a role modle , for pete is so like him. i guess it’s called unconditional love, how lucky are we, keep writting i love it all


  2. Poem was so great. As was the memory. So glad you were able to save it.

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thanks, Hon.
      You know…you were there for so many of the morning-after’s..adn of course for the pneumonia…I still don’t know how you managed it all while I was in the hospital!
      Thanks for commenting:) Love you.


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